Be a data driven servant leader

Scrum Masters like you use Orli to spot issues before they happen.
Orli is the time-saving data intelligence tool that gives you the power to see anything in your software projects, anytime. The result? 50% more productive meetings.
Increased Predictability
Improved Planning Accuracy
Visibility on Bottlenecks
Decrease Cycle Time

How Scrum Masters use Orli to lead with data

Everything in one place

See all the tasks, code changes and blocking points across the teams, in one centralized cockpit. No development knowledge required.

Get oversight

Daily reporting with an automatic highlight of issues

Resolve your Agile team issues before the Daily Standup meeting.
Orli gives you a heads up on what needs your attention today via scheduled reports, delivered to you every morning. Orli highlights for you the most common sources of hectic days.

  • Overdue tasks
  • Bugs
  • Big changes

Metrics to take better strategic retrospectives

Get a clear view of progress and metrics. Without needing to spend long overtime hours, you can bring to your team's retrospective, the data you need to make correlations between work, client feedback, and code quality.

Improve your DORA Metrics

The DevOps Research and Assessment Metrics are the key indicators of the performance and health of software engineering teams. We provide you with these metrics in real-time. Anytime.

Grow faster

Combining all the integrations in one place has saved me a lot of manual work, and it is amazing that they are available at any time.

Anna K. | Software Scrum Master

Take your Agile team to the next level

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