CEOs Save 1-2 Hours of Follow-Up Time Each Day Using Orli

Time saved daily
More oversight
40k €
Yearly savings
Missed deadlines

How CEOs use Orli to scale their operations

Everything in one place

See all the tasks and blocking points across the teams, in one centralized cockpit. No meeting required.

Cut Meetings

Automatic highlight of issues

Give you and your software development team a heads up on what needs your attention today via scheduled reports, delivered to you every morning. Orli highlights for you the most common sources of hectic days.

  • Overdue tasks
  • Bugs
  • Big changes

Metrics to take better strategic decisions

Get a clear view of progress and metrics. Without needing to be a BI expert, you can see clearly the correlations between work, client feedback, and code quality. You can now take data-driven decisions.

Full transparency on work load

Orli helps you have full transparency on the work at the project, team, and individual levels. Now you have the data to avoid burnout, under load, prepare ahead and strategize your company.

Scale Faster

With Orli, the amount of time I save on meetings is easily worth 10x the cost of the software. This has been a gamechanger for our software business.

Ramit P. | Software Company CEO

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