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Meet Orli, the time-saving data intelligence tool that gives you the power to see anything in your software projects, anytime.
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Say goodbye to endless
meetings and Excels with Orli


Avg. fewer software meetings

The Old Way

Excels and Meeting Madness

No clear view of progress or metrics
Too much time wasted in meetings
Difficulty scaling, managing projects
The Orli Way

50% Fewer Meetings

Get a clear view of progress and metrics
Cut your time in software meetings in half
More scalability, control, and efficiency

Orli is your crystal ball* to better software operations

Find out what needs your attention today with an operational dashboard and make better strategic decisions for tomorrow with our BI-based analytics dashboard – all in one centralized location.

*Just don't start dressing up as a fortune teller, okay? 🔮

A BI tool so easy, anyone can use it

With Orli, you don't need to know what metrics to follow or how to calculate them.
No BI expert? No problem.

Find out how

Easy Integration

With All Your Tools
A Orli makes everyone a BI expert by seamlessly integrating your data with tools like Jira, GitHub, and more.

Auto Configuration

of Metrics & Key Data
Orli takes the guesswork out of metrics calculation by configuring them for you while our team takes care of the rest.

Centralized View

Everything you need in one place
The result? More control and oversight of your software projects, all in one clear, unified dashboard.

Geta centralized view of everything

Give you and your software team half your time back. Get a complete view of everything to remove unnecessary manual data gathering work and save up to$100K+ a year in saved meetings.

Save time

Get more oversight and control with an all-in-one platform

Be in complete control of your software projects by having all the info you need to track progress and strategize in one easy place.

Make better strategic decisions with real-time data

View analytics without the need for a BI expert and make better strategic decisions by seeing clear correlations between tasks, code quality, marketing performance, sales, and more.

Scale faster with more empowered project managers

Orli helps your project managers handle double the projects without double the work – helping you scale faster without leaving your teams feeling overwhelmed.

Scale faster

With Orli, the amount of time I save on meetings is easily worth 10x the cost of the software. This has been a gamechanger for our software business.

Ramit P. | Software Company CEO

Combining all the integrations in one place has saved me a lot of manual work, and it is amazing that they are available at any time.

Anna K. | Software Scrum Master

With Orli, I can make sure that I am alerted every time a project presents a potential risk, and I can act in time to eliminate any obstacles for my team.

Peter K. | Technical Project Manager

Providing visibility on workload and project progress for multiple projects at the same time was very beneficial for me.

Mike B. | Digital Product Manager

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