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Unlocking the Power of Data for IT Leaders!

Meet Orli, the codeless ready to use Jira reporting tool that enables IT leads to get financial insights, resource bottlenecks and stakeholder reporting in seconds.
Sprint Review of stakeholders, using Orli's tools to drive their decision.
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Say goodbye to manual Jira reporting and Excels with Orli

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The Old Way

Excels and Ugly Graphs

Jira  Excel exports for manual data processing
Too much time wasted in reporting
Difficulty to keep Jira reports up to date
Orli's tool customizable dashboard.
The Orli Way

Effortless Jira Reporting

Drag and drop metrics and templates
Cut your reporting time to zero
Always up to date
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Orli is your crystal ball to Jira Reporting

Orli is the ready-to-use tool to visualize your Jira data. Orli has all the metrics and templates you need, only a drag-and-drop away.

Find out what needs your attention today with an operational dashboard and make better strategic decisions for tomorrow with Orli for BI-based Jira analytics reports.

A Jira reporting tool so easy, anyone can use it

With Orli, you don't need to know what metrics to follow or how to calculate them.
No Jira data reporting expert? No problem.

Find out how

Data-Driven Agile Project Management

Orli provides users with valuable data and performance indicators, making it easy to understand project progress and improve decision-making.
Users can track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize project outcomes with Orli's real-time metrics.
Having access to detailed metrics helps with managing projects better, allocating resources more efficiently, and planning and executing projects with greater effectiveness.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Enhanced Efficiency through Automated Reporting

Orli simplifies Jira reporting, enabling users to create reports quickly without requiring extensive knowledge of Jira structure or APIs.
Automated report generation saves time and effort, making report creation easier and less frustrating.
Easy report generation saves time and helps users make faster, informed decisions, improving efficiency and productivity.

Cross-Tool Visibility for Comprehensive Insights

Orli combines data from Jira and GitHub to give users a clear picture of project progress and teamwork.
By using Orli, users can easily monitor task progress in Jira and evaluate code quality in GitHub to gain a comprehensive overview of their project's status and identify any possible issues.
When you have visibility across multiple tools, it helps everyone work together better, identify problems early, and make smart decisions based on data.
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Find out how Orli can help you create beautiful reports in seconds.
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